Saraswathi Balgam (aka Vani), is a self taught photographer, painter and filmmaker. Born in India and being an ardent global traveler gave her the ability to see things differently. Her motivation is to seek beyond what is visible, to look beyond the image, to find the light and to photograph the spirit of joy in all aspects of nature.

Vani has extensively explored the far reaches of the globe, however a personal calling is her love to venture into the villages deep in the Himalayas. Her effortless ability to be in the moment and connect with people provides a unique and insightful view into life in these remote places.

This wandering artist is exploring her experiences from within and elsewhere in her paintings. Painting as a medium allows her to meditate and enjoy the pure freedom of using colors to express the space of human consciousness that transcends the limited.

Apart from being a filmmaker and a painter, Vani was the founding director and head of the Asian offices for Rhythm & Hues Studios, the multiple academy-award-winning computer Animation and Visual Effects pioneer. She was also the president of ASIFA India, a non-profit organization focused on promoting the art of animation in India. She  also started the Indian chapter of Women in Animation.

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